Peka’s Cookies Online

Here at Peka’s Cookies Online, we offer an easy way to learn how to make beautiful cookies that you can enjoy yourself or sell and make extra income for you and your family. We have classes for every skill level!


Cookie Decoration Training, Shop, & Custom Cookie Orders

Online Training

You will have greater flexibility when scheduling your learning. When learning from home, instead of a traditional classroom, you can save money in a number of ways.

Stay Home

Start your own business at home without neglecting your family! You get to spend more time with your kids and you don’t have to deal with a long commute every morning

Cookie Decorating

Make Money

Don’t wait any longer to become empowered and generate extra income weekly or monthly. I want to teach you how to have a cookie business from home!

Bring Joy

Let’s face it, the number one reason we eat (and love) cookies is that they are simply delicious. From sweet to salty to nutty, your taste buds explode with every mouthful.

Teaching you in your home kitchen since 2015.

“Perla is a super teacher, recipes are spectacular and she gives many tips!”

“The best dough and Royal Icing recipe I’ve worked on and tested to perform our passion, decorating cookies!! And in her decorating courses, she gives you lots of tips to create sensational cookies!”

– Marixol Rosillo Galvan